Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl XLV: Friday's Betting Movement at Las Vegas Sports Books

By Micah Roberts

Friday - 3:30 pm
Packers-Steelers action heated at South Point
The South Point continues to bounce around from -2 ½ to -3 having done so four different times alone today. No one else in town is budging. So while everyone else is town essentially has a closed sign on their game - because large money doesn't want +2 ½ (EV) with the Steelers or -2 ½ (-120) with the Packers -- the South Point is raking in all the cash.

Critics of this tactic may say it’s irresponsible and reckless to play around with a “3” in the Super Bowl, but I got to hand it to their boss Bert Osborne over there for making business happen. He’s manufacturing business with the numbers people want. They like laying -2 ½ flat with Green Bay and taking +3 flat with Pittsburgh; no one is even trying to compete.

The only risk happens if the game does land “3” and then they’ll have to give the Pittsburgh money back while paying on all the Packers money. But that’s only one number. What about the Packers winning by the number 4 to infinity? If that happens and none of these books have Steelers money, their going to be left at the alter with no way of getting Steelers money, unless they go to +3 themselves, but who knows how much out there is left by then.

The public loves the Packers and they’ll bet whatever the number is even if it goes as high as -2 ½ (-135 or -140). The same goes for the public liking the Steelers, but the large money is being forced to bet all their action at the South Point right now on both sides at flat money. By kickoff, it’s possible that most of the large money that may have been spread around everywhere else in town has already been funneled through to the South Point.

Should the game land “3”, it’s only a push and they’ll lose on the Packers side just like everyone else. However, any other decision is going to make the South point hold very high because of the maneuvering and the extra money handled. The juice alone on the high handle, theorectically, makes them a winner.

It’s still only Friday, with more the half of the overall action still to come, but we’ll keep you all updated as it happens with more of “As the Vegas Sports Books Turn”.

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