Thursday, July 29, 2010

Broncos 1st Round Draft Picks, Thomas and Tebow, Miss Second Straight Day of Camp

by Mike Chambers
Denver Post

Unsigned first-round draft picks Demaryius Thomas and Tim Tebow missed their second consecutive workouts at the Broncos' training camp this morning.

Without a contract, Thomas and Tebow cannot participate in training camp. The rookie portion of camp continues this afternoon and ends Friday morning. Thomas and Tebow won't be considered holdouts until training camp officially begins Sunday.
Thomas, a wide receiver from Georgia Tech, was selected No. 22 overall, three spots ahead of Tebow, the popular Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback from Florida.

"Nothing to report," Denver coach Josh McDaniels said of negotiations with Thomas and Tebow and their agents. "We're still working away at it."

McDaniels said he spoke to both players Tuesday at the team complex, and he wouldn't be surprised to see them again this afternoon, and under contract.

"I think they'll always be a chance," McDaniels said of completing the deals today. "Hopefully it's closer than not close, and as soon as we can tie the knot we'll get them over here, run the conditioning tests and do all that stuff. Like I said (Wednesday), we're working on it as much as we can and (trying) to get them here as quickly as possible."

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Favre Still Playing Games, But Not on Vikings Practice Field

By Jon Saraceno, USA TODAY

Brett Favre believed it was over — finally — six months ago.

No more wondering.

No more offseason waffling.

No more skewering from the pundits.

Yes, the old, gray Viking was tired of being on the horns of a dilemma.

"I can remember walking off that podium with (wife) Deanna and my family thinking, 'I'm done,' " the Minnesota quarterback tells USA TODAY. "I mean, my heart … it was broken."

The New Orleans Saints had just administered a physical and psychological beating to the NFL's all-time passing leader who refused to submit. The Vikings' crushing 31-28 overtime defeat in the NFC championship game, where Favre whipped an interception in the closing seconds of regulation, left him with a swollen ankle and a severe thigh bruise the color of eggplant.

"People can talk about the ankle and my thigh and all that stuff, but those will mend. I just said, 'I can't take this. It's just too hard to digest."

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Owens Finally Finds a Team, Joins Ochocinco and Bengals

Get your popcorn ready, Cincinnati: Terrell Owens is coming to town.

Owens, the outspoken wide receiver and reality TV star, agreed to a one-year contract with the Bengals, a team source told NFL Network insider Michael Lombardi on Tuesday.

NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora confirmed that Owens will be paid $2 million in base salary and could earn an additional $2 million in incentives. Owens received $6.5 million from the Buffalo Bills last season.

The news thrilled friend and new Bengals teammate Chad Ochocinco, who had lobbied the team on Owens' behalf. Ochocinco wrote on Twitter: "Terrell Owens is officially a Cincinnati Bengals, Cincy let's welcome him with open arms, it's on now!" He later added that he and Owens are "like batman n robin, siskel n ebert, ying n yang, bonnie n clyde but you're bonnie though."

Owens was much less theatrical in his lone Twitter post, writing: "Hoping 2 b a Bengal w/in the 24hrs!!"

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, Owens will not sign his contract until Thursday, when the Bengals hold their first training-camp practice in Georgetown, Ky. The newspaper also reported that Owens isn't expected to attend the 9 a.m. practice that day, but he likely will show up for the 7 p.m. session.

Owens took the Bengals' deal after the St. Louis Rams decided not to make an offer.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Las Vegas Hilton Super Book NFL Season Win Totals


TEAM         WINS       OVER       UNDER

CARDINALS     7.5    OVER -110   UNDER -110

FALCONS        9     OVER -110   UNDER -110

RAVENS        10     OVER -110   UNDER -110

BILLS         5.5    OVER +105   UNDER -125

PANTHERS      7.5    OVER +115   UNDER -135

BEARS          8     OVER EVEN   UNDER -120

BENGALS       7.5    OVER -150   UNDER +130

BROWNS        5.5    OVER -125   UNDER +105

COWBOYS       9.5    OVER -165   UNDER +145

BRONCOS       7.5    OVER -125   UNDER +105

LIONS          5     OVER -140   UNDER +120

PACKERS       9.5    OVER -165   UNDER +145

TEXANS         8     OVER -130   UNDER +110

COLTS         11     OVER +110   UNDER -130

JAGUARS        7     OVER EVEN   UNDER -120

CHIEFS        6.5    OVER -145   UNDER +125

DOLPHINS      8.5    OVER -110   UNDER -110

VIKINGS       9.5    OVER -140   UNDER +120

PATRIOTS      9.5    OVER -125   UNDER +105

SAINTS       10.5    OVER +120   UNDER -140

GIANTS        8.5    OVER -120   UNDER EVEN

JETS          9.5    OVER +105   UNDER -125

RAIDERS        6     OVER -110   UNDER -110

EAGLES        8.5    OVER +110   UNDER -130

STEELERS       9     OVER +130   UNDER -150

CHARGERS      11     OVER +110   UNDER -130

49ERS         8.5    OVER -145   UNDER +125

SEAHAWKS      7.5    OVER -110   UNDER -110

RAMS           5     OVER -120   UNDER EVEN

BUCS          5.5    OVER -110   UNDER -110

TITANS        8.5    OVER -110   UNDER -110

REDSKINS      7.5    OVER +120   UNDER -140