Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cubs prop posted: 100 wins, lay -160 for OVER

Cubs fans loving the South Point props on their team this season.
LAS VEGAS -- The Washington Nationals had baseball’s best record (14-4) through Sunday, which translates to +8.4 units if betting them every game, which also is the best return on investment. But the really big story of April has been the Cubs at 14-5 and looking every bit like the best team as many prognosticators predicted.

Every year the Cubs are the team with the biggest World Series risk at sportsbooks, just because it’s a normal process for visitors to make the bets for friends and family. There is this love and fascination with the Cubbies because of a history that hasn’t seen them win a World Series since 1908. Also, millions of Americans watched them daily on WGN when cable television started get in everyone’s home in 1980. They partied with Harry Caray daily in the afternoon’s and it just stuck for most.

“Cub fans have been waiting since the (Leo) Durocher years to have a team this good,” said South Point sportsbook director Chris Andrews. “And this team is definitely legit. They have it all; starting pitching, hitting and solid bullpen.”

To capitalize on the popularity of the Cubs, Andrews posted couple of different props for the fans to chew on. One asks whether or not the Cubs will win 100 games or more with YES being -160 and NO +140. I’m starting to believe 100 is a strong possibility.

Initially, I thought 94 wins was a crazy thought just because of Chicago being in the NL Central with St. Louis and Pittsburgh, who both finished ahead of them last season. But Pittsburgh has been disappointing even though they’re 10-9. The past three seasons they had one of the best bullpens, but this year, it stinks. The Bucs pen has blown 3 of 8 save opportunities and has a 4.79 ERA – only six teams are worse. And the starting pitching hasn’t been getting to the seventh inning, so the pen has been worked hard every game. Because of the Pittsburgh rating being dropped, the Cubs become the beneficiary within the division.

Also Jake Arrieta is every bit as good as he was last season when he won the NL Cy Young Award. No way he can duplicate 2015, right? Think again, he’s won all four of his starts and allowed only two earned runs (0.87 ERA). He’s also thrown a no-hitter and even hit a homer. Throw in Jason Hammel allowing only two runs over his four starts plus the bullpen looking outstanding and you can see why I’ve changed my Cubs stance.

Andrews posted a prop on Arrieta asking whether or not he’ll throw a no-hitter again in the 2016 regular season, which he should have about 29 starts remaining. “We opened at NO -700, but the pros bet it up to -800. The public is taking the YES at 6-to-1.”

Still, winning three series makes it tougher than ever to win the World Series, unlike the 1908 Cubs that disposed of the Tigers in five games (4-1). No wild cards, no league championships, it was just one best of seven series way back then. And if the Cubs don’t win it this year, who will be the goat adding to the lovable loser mystique that no other sports franchise has? Have to blame someone, right?

Andrews is getting lots of Cubs future action and dropped their World Series odds from 4-to-1 down to 3-to-1 on Sunday.

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