Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Las Vegas Sports Book Notes: It's go-time for the books

The Mirage sports book is always entertaining for ticket writers.
It is go time for Las Vegas sportsbooks with the calendar turning to August, which is a kind of alert bell signifying there are only four weeks to get all final football season preparations done.

There’s a check list many book directors go through to ensure they maximize earning potential in the final business quarter while also having procedures in place to stay in compliance with internal and state controls.

Is the book clean and ready to go with suitable TV’s? Are all the marketing campaigns and promotions already set in motion? Has the staff been given a refresher course on gaming regulations and has all the necessary hiring been done to properly accommodate longer business hours and more tickets written? The list is much longer, but you get the idea.

If looking for employment on the Strip or at local properties, try writing bet tickets for one of the sportsbooks during football season. I’d estimate 50 percent of the seasonal labor increases have been put in motion already, but there’s still more hiring to be done all over town. In addition to competitive hourly wages, there’s also a percentage of tips that come your way based on hours worked. Write a few tickets, keep up with all the scores, enjoy the fast-paced environment with roaring crowds and then make some money on top of it.

Most of the openings are part-time, but if thinking further down the road the book might be a place where you want to make a career, this is where you start. Get your foot in the door anywhere. Absorb all the info you can, and most importantly, listen.

If you have a great attitude, can follow rules and balance your drawer, you’ll move up the ladder quickly. Every book supervisor, manager, director and VP currently in town went through the exact same process.

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