Monday, October 19, 2015

Colts back-door TD good for Las Vegas

Books do well in Week 6 NFL action.
After sweating through 11 games in Sunday's NFL Week 6 action, most of the bettors’ success at the end of the day hinged on the “Deflategate” rematch between the Patriots andColts. There had been some give and take by both the sports books and bettors as they each won a few of the many thrilling games on the day, but the big payoff for both sides would come down to whether or not the Patriots would cover as 8 ½-points at Indianapolis.

"The Colts make or break the day for us," said Station Casinos sports book director Jason McCormick just as the game kicked off. "We're loaded on the Pats and hoping they come out deflated."

Deflated they would not be, but it took lots of nail biting by books and bettors and the spread was coming into play. The books looked like they were in shape on the Colts first when they would march down the field in a an impressive opening score and then were leading 21-20 at the half, but then the Patriots defense tightened up and held a 34-21 lead until Indianapolis got the back-door cover touchdown with 1:19 to go.

"That last touchdown by the Colts was good news for us. We had got as high as 10 with the Patriots," said the Stratosphere's Hugh Citron.

The good news for the house almost quickly turned into miraculous news for holders on Patriots bets as the ensuing on-side kick was nearly converted into a Rob Gronkowski TD. It was a moment in every sports book crowd where the audience collectively held their breath and the ultimate bettors' dream almost turned into reality. Gronkowski, in as part of the good hands team, jumped out to secure the kick for the Patriots and appeared to have a clear run down the sideline until accidently stepping out of bounds. The Gronk really looked as though he wanted that score.

The win moved the Patriots to 5-0 on the season and joined the Panthers, Broncos (6-0), Bengals (6-0) and Packers (6-0) as the only remaining undefeated teams. The Panthers and Bengals would be the only one of those teams to cover the number on Sunday, and for Cincinnati, who is now 5-0-1 ATS, they are becoming a thorn in the sports books side as bettors are flocking to a team that just keeps covering. On Sunday, the Bengals (-3) turned a close game at Buffalo into a 34-21 rout.

CG Technologies vice-president of risk management Jason Simbal described his books' day as "decent" and said their worst games was the Bengals and that they "actually needed Seattle."

Stations' McCormick said the day was "solid but not great as the Bills and Redskins let them down."

The Stratosphere had a similar story with the first 11 games.

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