Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Las Vegas Sports Book Notes: Football Two Sunday's Away

South Point hot dogs might be best value in town.
The South Point has come up with a fresh idea to make visiting its property a must throughout the NFL season. Of course the lure is cash, a whole bunch of it.

How does winning a weekly progressive jackpot that begins at $250,000 sound?

Beginning with Week 1 and running through Week 17, $10 is all it takes to enter the contest. If no one correctly picks all 17 options, half the cash taken in will be added to the following week’s jackpot. To win the big cash it’s going to take some skill, but also a lot of luck.

There will be 17 options to choose from on the card with pointspreads and a few totals between the Sunday and Monday games. You can enter as many times as you like. Hit all 17 and you win the Jackpot. Simple, right? Yes, it will be difficult to hit, but there aren’t many betting options in town where $10 can win you more than $250,000.

Anticipate the pot increasing about $20,000 per week. And also figure the Jackpot being won about three to four times during the season, which would make the South Point’s Progressive a huge overlay, meaning they’re going to pay out way more than they’re making off it.

In addition to being able to play for the jackpot, you can also enter under their umbrella of sportsbooks at the Rampart in Summerlin and Riverside in Laughlin.

So when making that route out to turn in all your contest entries around town, be sure to include in a stop at one of the South Point’s books to take a crack at this.

Almost football time

We’re two Sundays away from the first exhibition game and while the Hall of Fame preseason matchup never features a great brand, it’s still pro football. And we’ve been patiently waiting for any kind of hint that football is really back. CG Technology sportsbooks posted Green Bay as a 2.5-point favorite over Indianapolis in this year’s game in Canton.

After Aaron Rodgers runs the offense for two series, the Packers will give former UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley the reigns and then take long looks at Marquise Williams and Joe Callahan. The Colts will have a healthy Andrew Luck for a few series then let new back-up Scott Tolzien take over and eventually give way to Stephen Morris.

No matter what angle someone throws your way, there is no solid handicapping method, so tread lightly. But it’s real football action so a bet or two has to happen, right? I always like to believe the defenses are far more advanced than the offenses early on so I’m usually looking to bet UNDER the total in early preseason games. CG has this total at 35.5.

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