Tuesday, July 12, 2016

What's next for the Fertitta Brothers after UFC sale?

Lorenzo, Dana and Frank made a great team with UFC.
LAS VEGAS -- You have to admire the brilliance of brothers Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta who bought a once struggling UFC for $2 million in 2000 and sold it Monday for $4 billion to Hollywood talent agency WME-IMG.

That’s an amazing 200,000 percent return on investment, and if you’ve been around Las Vegas for the past two decades you’ve seen their genius in action several times as they grew Station Casinos from the hole-in-the-wall Bingo Palace on Sahara Avenue into a giant as the premiere locals chain of casinos with 19 properties.

The brothers’ magic touch in both cases was marketing and giving the public what they wanted. For gamblers at their casinos, they listened to everything that would make visits more regular and comfortable. They analyzed the situation and realized the gamblers wanted to be appreciated – not just those with big money on the blackjack tables, but also the nickel slot players who played daily.

They introduced a players club and rewards program that soon everyone in town followed after seeing the success and rise Station was having. Revenues soared and the brothers re-invested in the company by building more casinos.

They dominated their locals market and followed the same plan with the UFC. They were able to market globally with the UFC and found people wanted more, everywhere – Ireland, Brazil, Germany, Poland and Russia. They brought in longtime friend and Bishop Gorman high school buddy Dana White to run the UFC because of his energy and no nonsense attitude. The trio created a market when there was none. When the UFC was at its highest peak of value, they got out at the right time, while still holding a minority ownership.

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