Tuesday, January 19, 2016

15-1 teasers in divisional round wipe out Vegas

Planet Hollywood sports book had plenty of happy bettors Sunday.
A few Las Vegas sports books may seriously consider not offering teasers during the NFL playoffs next season after suffering losses in the high six-figure range during the Divisional Playoff round over the weekend. It’s a decision that many have pondered over the past few seasons just because teasers have been a consistent loser, but with 15 of the 16 teaser options between the four games Saturday and Sunday cashing, it’s something that has to definitely be revisited again.

The only reason sports books haven’t crossed the playoff teasers off the wagering menu is because of competition throughout the city. No book wants to be the first to axe something from a public relations standpoint, but no book likes losing in one area, either. And when a category sticks out like a sore thumb each and every year during the playoffs, it’s time to make a change. The edge has shifted to the players massively in one area, and sports book operators are entrusted to protect the house.

In the past three seasons of the divisional round, 6-point teaser sides had gone 19-5. This past weekend, all side wagers went 8-0 in teasers and the totals posted a 7-1 mark.

The other three games were all-way teaser wins. It didn’t matter what you bet on a teaser in three of the games -- bettors cashed on basically anything they chose as you can see below.

New England 27 Kansas City 20
KC +13/OVER 41 - WIN
KC +13/UNDER 50.5 WIN

Arizona 26 Green Bay 20 (OT)
GB +13/OVER 42.5 - WIN
GB +13/UNDER 55.5 - WIN
ARI -1/OVER 42.5 - WIN
ARI -1/UNDER 55.5 - WIN

Carolina 31 Seattle 24
SEA +8.5/OVER 38 - WIN
SEA +8.5/UNDER 50 - LOSS
CAR +3.5/OVER 38 - WIN
CAR +3.5/UNDER 50 - LOSS

Denver 23 Pittsburgh 15
PITT +13/OVER 35.5 - WIN
PITT +13/UNDER 47.5 - WIN
DEN -1/OVER 35.5 - WIN
DEN -1/UNDER 47.5 - WIN

The only teaser losses of the weekend was those who took Seattle/Carolina UNDER 50 in their wagers.

Where else is there in the casino that has a proposition such as the sports book with teasers where there is a possibility that the book could lose all options of a single offering? Pro and college basketball teasers are no big deal, nor is college football because the ratings aren‘t as strong, but with the NFL it’s an entirely different story.

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