Thursday, January 14, 2016

Saturday NFL Divisional Playoff Selections

Two-team teasers have killed for the sports books in divisional round.
LAS VEGAS — The divisional playoff round is usually when we see teams play to their full power rating capabilities and when two-team, 6-point teasers offer value given how close some of these games are relative to the spread.

Last year, all sides (not including totals) between the eight teams participating in the divisional round went 7-1 on teasers. You could have bet a teaser on both sides of three games and cashed. We don’t recommend that strategy, but it’s a great example of how close the spreads are to the final results in this round. In the two years prior, the teaser sides went a combined 12-4 making it 19-5 over the past three seasons in the divisional round.

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My partner Kenny White and I have plays on many of the regular point spreads and totals for all four games this weekend, but we emphasize taking advantage of what has continually been a losing proposition for sports books in this round where getting six points is a proven winner for bettors. If it’s a proposition the books regularly lose on, why not keep taking advantage? To make it fair for the books, they probably should be charging -150 on a 6-point two-team teaser in this round.

Here’s a look at our selections from both of Saturday’s games, and be sure to check out our Sunday selections as well.

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