Thursday, January 28, 2016

Super Bowl money-line fair for a change, for now

Super Bowl bettors often switch choices when hearing payouts.
LAS VEGAS — In most Super Bowls, bettors rarely get true value with the underdogs taking them on the moneyline, because this game is more about the public and the once-a-year fringe bettors. Books protect themselves early on by setting the price lower based on a spread than you’ll see during the regular season or playoffs.

The books know what bets are coming and even if they get clipped off by sharps playing the cheap money-line favorite, that action still doesn‘t compare with all the $20, $50 and $100 wagers that compile up into one giant risk on the dog.

Many of the bettors coming to windows with their $100 don’t understand the point spread, but do want to maximize their dollar. Here’s a how a conversation usually goes down at this time of year between the ticket writer and novice bettor:

Bettor: “How much do I get if I bet the Panthers to win — no points?”
Teller: “With the money-line play, no points, just to win at -230, your $100 will win you $43.48, plus your $100 back.“
Bettor: “Wow, that’s not very good, what if I play the spread?”
Teller: “If you lay the -5.5 and the Panthers win by 6-points or more, you’ll win $90.90 plus your $100 back.”

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