Friday, January 22, 2016

No Teaser Caesar

The Caesars/Harrah's books couldn't wait till seasons end.
LAS VEGAS -- On Monday we mentioned that a few books were reviewing their position on teasers because of a 15-1 all-way teaser win for bettors during the divisional round that crushed the books.Caesars Entertainment's chain of books -- Harrah's -- got so rattled with last weeks losses that they didn't even wait for the season end to make changes -- they cut teaser wagering off immediately in a knee-jerk reaction.

If I had to pick one chain of books that would pull a move like this mid-stream, the Harrah's brand would certainly be it. For goodness sake, wait for the season to end. Do some analytics on what the proper prices should be in the playoffs and regular season and then implement the changes next season.

Funny thing is, both games are 3's and it's not an attractive position for teaser bettors that like the favorites like last week was with a couple of 7's. So not only did Harrah's shoot themselves in the foot from a public relations standpoint, but they bailed on a week that sets up more favorably for the books. Well done!


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