Friday, December 18, 2009

Roberts Pro Football Selections: One Small Fav & Two Dogs

Steelers -1.5 vs. Packers: It seems like only yesterday that Pittsburgh was winning a Monday Night game in Denver validating everyone’s opinion about their prowess as defending Super Bowl Champions. However, since that game, the Steelers have lost five games in a row.

The Steelers haven’t just lost games, they’ve lost to the worst teams in the NFL. During their losing streak they lost at Kansas City, had a home loss to the Raiders, and also lost at Cleveland last week. That’s officially the league’s three stooges. How could this happen, and can it all be repaired after having their crown and terrible towels stomped into the ground by the lowest of dregs.

All those questions are why the line is so light this week against the Packers. Laying less than a field goal at Pittsburgh against anyone is almost unheard of in the Big Ben era. The combination of the crowd, cold weather, and more pride from the crowd should inspire the Steelers to evening up their 6-7 record. Look for a low scoring game with the Steelers defense finding success in shutting down Ryan Grant.

Cowboys +7.5 @ New Orleans: The Cowboys are ready to party Mardi Gras style and they’ll be doing lots of dancing. Both teams will be able to score as they want and it will come down to the final moments of the game where Tony Romo will have his chance to shine on National TV amid all his woes he‘s encountered in December.

The Saints have pulled off some big comebacks this season and may do so again Saturday, but taking the points here looks like the bet.

Bengals +7 @ San Diego: We may see this game again in a few weeks during the playoffs and because of how pivotal it is in who possibly gets that first round bye, expect the Bengals to come with their “A” game which means no more holding back Carson Palmer.

The Bengals have a heavy heart this week and have dedicated this game and the season to Chris Henry. It’s hard to go against the Chargers who are 16-0 in December games behind Phillip Rivers -- it’s almost insane, but this is one of those games that will played with a two-fold purpose by the Bengals with everyone focused more so than they’ve been all year.

Win the game and control your destiny. It’s that simple. I like the Bengals to play well enough to win a very emotional game.

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