Saturday, December 26, 2009

Roberts Week 16 Pro Football Selections: Ravens Keep Steelers Reelin'

Ravens +3 @ Pittsburgh: So this is supposed to be the week the Steelers put it all together in their playoff run. After losing five games in a row -- and barely beating the Packers to end the streak -- they think they can flip on the switch and play better when the chips are down? Well, the chips have been down for quite a while in losses to Cleveland, Kansas City, and Oakland -- three of the worst teams in the league. The Ravens, meanwhile, come in feeling good offensively and defensively. They are playing as well as they have all season with Joe Flacco showing signs of last seasons rookie that led the Ravens to the conference title game. Two teams going in different directions right now and I'll take the one going the right way which is Baltimore.

Baltimore/Pittsburgh OVER 42: It appears that the Steelers can't stop anyone with Troy Polamalu out -- as he will be this week again -- and they have to resort to throwing non-stop just to keep up with teams now. The Steelers are no longer a running team and can't grind clock out as they always have in the traditional sense. They throw now out of need, because their always down, as they will be this week.

Dolphins -1.5 vs Texans: Chad Henne has really come into his own this season and has this team in position for a possible playoff spot without running much of the wildcat offense anymore. The Texans are looking for the playoffs too, but could have taken care of business too many times this season to not have them in this position. They can blame Kris Brown all they want for losing games with missed kicks, but the Texans should have handled their business before making the kicker seal their fate. Look for Ricky Williams to have a big day with Henne doing just enough to beat Houston.

Packers -14 vs Seahawks: Not a big fan of laying two touchdowns in any game, but the Seahawks have shown that they have thrown in the towel. Seattle is coming off of two terrible offensive showings at Houston and worst of all, at home to the 1-12 Buccaneers. Had Seattle been hindered by having offensive weapons out such as their starting quarterback, that may have gave them a pass, but Matt Hasselbeck played both of those games with no intensity. They just want to see the season end, find a GM, and get ready for 2010 while the Packers will give Seattle's defense a steady dose of Ryan Grant.

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