Tuesday, January 5, 2010

JaMarcus Russell Goes Bling-Bling Party-time

I came across this story on the web-site Sports-by-Brooks and found it hilarious. We've all heard the stories about how Russell doesn't like to study film, practice, or do anything that involves a team concept, but now we have some pictures of him rolling the high life with his fat contract...and belly.

His biggest legacy after his contract is over will be how he duped everyone at the NFL combine to believing he could be the next great quarterback. It would be interesting to see where he would have wound up if he didn't have a great bowl game against a bad Notre Dame defense that showed off his arm strength.

Had he not been given all that Raider cash as a number one overall pick, could he have possibly been motivated -- if drafted later -- to become that hungry do-everything QB that had to claw his way to the big time, doing whatever it took to make himself the best with the cash carrot dangling in front of him?

It's hard to say, but what really matters right now to him is that he's got a bangin' ornament -- with his jersey in bling -- hanging from his platinum rope.

Candid Cam: JaMarcus Russell's Vegas vacation?

Article From Oakland Tribune's Can Inman

TOP TEN reasons why Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell would skip Monday's final team meeting to go on a Vegas vacation:

But first, this disclaimer: Why Vegas, you ask? Because a reader, who commented on my Tuesday column to ditch Russell, claimed Russell was in Vegas at The Palms hotel. This came within 24 hours of the team meeting that coach Tom Cable excused him from for "personal" issues. I called The Palms and they confirmed a "JaMarcus Russell" had checked in as a guest. Is it really him? The Vegas gossip scribes will fill us in soon. My Twitter followers are abuzz with this news.)

No. 10: To find out if he can throw money around as easily as interceptions.

No. 9: To test the airport's new security measures with his big diamond earrings. (I got a tweet claiming airport security indeed made Russell take off his giant studs.)

No. 8: To launch his new diet: Nothing but Vegas buffets, baby!

No. 7: To film a sequel to, "The Hangover." Maybe he's stealing Mike Tyson's tiger as a training method to prepare for blitzing defenders next season.

No. 6: To go on blind dates with nightclub hostesses that Tiger Woods recommended.

No. 5: To place a bet on which day Cable would get fired by Al Davis.

No. 4: To use the Elvis Wedding Chappel (which, come to think of it, indeed might make for an "excused" absence from the Raiders).

No. 3: To serve as Javon Walker's bodyguard this time.

No. 2: To see how fast he fumbles his chips when he gets crowded at the craps table (pocket pressure, Vegas style).

No. 1: C'mon, nothing is more "personal" than a trip to Vegas.

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