Friday, January 15, 2010

Mike T's NFL Divisional Round Selections: 7-1 Last week!

by Mike T.

It was a good start to wildcard weekend as I went 4-1 and am now 36-20 for the season. The Jets and the under(missed the exact score by a point) as well as the Cowboys were just too easy. The other two were a bit harder for me. Earlier in the week I liked the Pack and the Ravens but I changed my mind on both games and still wound up going 1-1.

The dog has done quite well in this round the past few years and I really like to take dogs but there is only one I like this week. That said here goes...

Saints -7 vs Cardinals and under 57
I actually like the under better than the side but I took them both. I made some decent money betting against the Saints this year especially down the stretch as the Saints' injuries kept piling up. This team has had plenty of rest now and The Big Easy will be rockin' tomorrow. The Cards just played a grueling overtime game and have to go on the road to an ear piercing loud dome on a short week. I think we'll see the Saints run the ball early and often keeping the clock moving and Warner on the sidelines. Darren Sharper and the rest of the Saints defense should create a turnover or two that will put this one away.
Saints 31 Cardinals 21

Ravens +6.5 at Colts
This is the only dog that I'm taking this weekend. The Colts do have an impressive record but they won at least a few games that could've gone the other way. The Colts still do have a long list of injuries (though mostly probable) which the Ravens may take advantage of. This game could start out like last week Ravens/Pats game where they take an early lead and never look back. I expect to see a heavy dose of Ray Rice and Willis Mcgahee and sound Raven defense. I'm taking Baltimore in a close one.
Ravens 24 Colts 23

Vikings -2.5 vs Cowboys
Out of all the games this week I like this one the most. The sharp money on the Vikes and the public on the Boys. Dallas has looked very impressive these last few weeks and people all over are coming out of the woodwork ready to put this team in the Bowl. While I must admit they are playing well, they've taken advantage of their opponents weaknesses the last few weeks that just don't exist this week. The Cowboys O line and D line have been pushing opponents lines around with ease recently. Now they face much tougher and healthier big men up front. They are not going to push this team around especially in their house. If they are able to slow down Adrian Peterson then Favre is gonna light them up. I also don't expect Romo to sit back in the pocket for long as the Vikes pass rush will be coming. I really don't think this one is gonna be as close as most do.
Vikings 34 Cowboys 17

Chargers-7 vs Jets and under 43
This is another game where I like the under better than the side. I did take them both though. The Jets are playing very well right now and a strong running game with a great defense will do that. The Chargers are also playing Lights Out. I think this one is going to come down to the quarterbacks. The Chargers have some very big WRs and Revis can't cover all of them. Rivers may come out firing to try and get a quick lead which may force the Jets to throw. Should San Diego jump out to an early lead it will be very hard for the Jets to get back in it. The MVP of this game might be a cornerback and if it is, his name will be Cromartie.
Chargers 28 Jets 13


  1. I had thought the Cowboys would present a good match for the Vikes who have looked lost a little bit, at least against teams other than the Giants. What was with that lay down by Eli?

  2. I just think the Vikes are gonna show them that they are not the Eagles. As for Eli, the Giants packed it in a few weeks early.

  3. Fireball, I'm only gonna take credit for 4-1 last week. I only called 1 total and 4 sides. I wish I bet it all that way though.Up to you if you want to change that title.

  4. Well darn it...with a 1-2 record so far this week and your BEST BET rolling on the Vikes, I can say I'm not very confident with my wager on those hated Cowboys. Still Like 'em, but hard to see you starting 1-3 with your record this entire NFL season. Easy to say that I will lower my exposure on Dallas.

  5. My name is CNote because I like to garner them in bunches if I can, and I enjoy both of your takes on the NFL.

    All I have to say is that in-game wagering is a great thing! Didn't take long too realize that Mike T. and the Vikings were the right side of this game. Amazing defensive performance really...they get to Brees the same way, and it should be a Favre/Manning NFL dream come true.

  6. CNote,
    Welcome abroad. I really loved the Vikes. Thought it was the easiest game by far this week. Even got a little more Vikes and under in the SD/Jet game Sun morning. Hope you got some 2nd half Jets with in game wagering.