Friday, January 28, 2011

Las Vegas Hilton Super Book Releases Their World Famous Super Bowl XLV Propositions

LV Hilton Super Book in Las Vegas ready for the Super Bowl
The Las Vegas Hilton Super Book released over 350 propositions for Super Bowl XLV on Thursday and debuted their multi-page book of sheets on Friday.

The Hilton is the clear leader in the world with Super Bowl props and have a staff that is one of the sharpest in town. Led by Executive Director Jay Kornegay, the staff has been together over 15 years paving the way as the industry leader with their famous props. The group began together at the Imperial Palace before moving to the Hilton five years ago.

Their progression in the prop field has forced every other book in Nevada, and off-shore, to follow suit from a competitive nature. On more than a few occasions, some sports books have even stolen their sheets and props, changed the logo and passed them off as their own. It may be somewhat unethical, but it shows just how important these props are and also how much their lines are respected for another sports book to pull that move off.

Here's a look at all their props, Have Fun!  


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