Saturday, November 14, 2009

Roberts Week 10 Pro Football Selections: Attractive Dogs Hard to Find This Week

Titans -7 vs. Bills: I love the way Vince Young has come in and lead the Titans with confidence and poise the last weeks getting their first two wins of the season. The Titans haven’t committed any turnovers and there is a renewed energy with the team that hasn’t been there since week vs. Pittsburgh. Look for Chris Johnson and the Titans to have a fairly easy time this week.

Saints -13.5 @ St. Louis: The last few weeks we’ve seen inflated lines with the Falcons and Panthers against the Saints; two good teams getting lots of points. Now we get the Rams only getting 13.5? Is it because of that rowdy crowd in the Lou? Come on, this is a bad team whoever they play and laying two touchdowns shouldn’t be that big of a deal against the Rams wherever they play.

Chargers -1 vs. Eagles: Chargers are playing excellent ball on both sides, especially the defense led by Shawn Merriman who has shown up the last four weeks. The last long trip the Eagles took to the west coast didn’t turn out well for them as they lost to the lowly Raiders. Phillip Rivers is on target with everything right now and will find a way to win.

Cowboys -3 @ Green Bay: It’s that time of the year, November, and Tony Romo doesn’t lose. He’s won 13 in a row in November and he’ll continue the trend this week led by a Dallas defense that is salivating at getting a chance to face the Packers weak offensive line that lets Aaron Rodgers get hammered every week. Since getting Miles Austin into the game plan, they have connected big every week leading to wins and it won’t stop this week.

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