Friday, November 27, 2009

Roberts Pro Football Selections for Week 12: Bears & Eagles Look Like Good Plays

Eagles -9 vs. Washington: Crucial game for Philly as they begin their second go-around with division rivals within the next six games. They have to stay as close as possible to Dallas within the division while keeping pace with Green Bay and ahead of the Giants in the wild card chase. The Redskins meanwhile are looking to get their first road win of the season.

Bears +11 @ Vikings: The Bears slim chance of making the playoffs rest with this game. It’s do or die time and I like a team in a position where the entire season is on the line, and they know it, going against a very comfortable team in cruise control where everything has come almost too easy.

Seahawks -3 @ Rams: What a match-up this is, we have the Seahawks who are 0-5 on the road and the Rams who are 0-5 at home. Seattle hasn’t even covered in any of their road losses while at least the Rams have gone 2-3 getting points at home as they are this week. Look for Matt Hasselbeck to have a d ecent game with the Rams not being able to keep up with Kyle Boller starting.

Cardinals/Titans OVER 46: This game could come to a shootout. Not many teams are better than Arizona on the road this season. The Cards are 4-1 against the number on the road going against a Titans team that looks like one of the better teams in the league right now. The Cardinals will not be able to stop the run. Despite their early season success against the run, they have allowed two straight backs to get over 100 yards. They’ll get a heavy dose of Chris Johnson while the Titans defense will be hard pressed to slow the Cards passing attack.

I had an opinion on the Patriots Monday night, but there are too many in agreement which is taking me off the game. The Saints opened 3-point favorites and are down to 1.5 now. Even worse is that the parlay counts in Las Vegas Books are already at a 5 to 1 clip in favor of the Pats. If I had to choose now, I'd go with the home team just because there is too much weight on the bandwagon which always makes one of the wheels fall off.

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