Friday, November 5, 2010

Roberts Week 9 NFL Selections: Falcons and Giants are the Best Bets

The favorites went 8-5 last week bucking a season long trend of underdogs. I think the favorites will have an edge again this week, in particular some of the larger spreads.

Falcons -9 vs. Buccaneers: I keep looking at Tampa’s schedule and see only two good games on their schedule. Both of those games, against Pittsburgh and New Orleans, were blowouts and I look for the same this week.

Jets -4 @ Detroit: At first, I thought this was a trap game; the Lions getting points at home following a big win against a decent team in the Redskins and the Jets coming off a home loss to the Packers. Other than that, I just don’t see it happening and feel I’m getting value laying the points because of what happened last week. The more I looked at it, the more I sided with the Jets elevating it past several others in the rotation.

Giants -7 @ Seattle: Had Matt Hasselbeck been starting this game at home -- where the Seahawks are very impressive against anyone -- I would have a different opinion. But this game rests entirely with Charlie Whitehurst running the show for the first time ever and I don’t think he can make it happen against the best defensive front line in football. Imagine if the Giants decide to blitz -- which they will -- Whitehurst is going to wishing he was on the sideline holding that clip board again.

Chiefs +2 ½ @ Oakland: Love the way the Raiders have played the last two weeks, but I like the Chiefs better because of doing it week after week on the ground. This is a great rivalry, and should be a battle, but the Chiefs are the better team.

Colts +3 @ Philadelphia: Can Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson just come off of injuries and return to what they were prior? It’s possible, but I think it’s more likely that Peyton Manning torches the Eagles secondary like Kerry Collins and Kenny Britt did the last time the Eagles played.

Cowboys +7 ½ @ Green Bay: I like Dallas to play a good game just because the Packers are playing to everyone’s level. The Cowboys will be able to move the ball, hang around and possibly win just like the Dolphins and Redskins did.

Other games I didn’t bet, but lean towards: BUF +3, SD -2 ½, NO -6 ½, MIN -7 ½, MIA +5 ½, NE -4 ½, CIN +5      

My Entries into the LVRJ Handicapping Challenge for week 9

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