Thursday, October 14, 2010

Roberts Week 7 College Football Plays: Wisconsin Crowd Won't Faze Ohio State

Here are the College Football games I’m betting this week:

Syracuse PK vs. Pittsburgh
Baylor -1 @ Colorado
Nebraska -9 vs. Texas
USC -2 ½ vs. Cal
Washington -1 vs. Oregon State
BYU +30 vs. TCU
Oklahoma State +3 @ Texas Tech
Ohio State -4 vs. Wisconsin

This is a tough environment for the Buckeyes this week, but Wisconsin isn’t in Ohio State’s class. I don’t even think this game will be as close as many experts expect. I could see the crowd being quieted pretty quick with a couple early momentum changers and then it’s lights out.

I also think that Nebraska is in a completely different class than Texas. The Longhorns are searching for who they are amid all their rich history and clout that has afforded them to get top recruits, but this group isn't getting it done. They can't run the ball and have trouble throwing consistently which makes a bad experience in store for them while facing a Nebraska team that has all the answers to who they are. Two teams going in opposite directions. One team can beat anyone in the nation while the other can't beat UCLA.  

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