Saturday, October 2, 2010

Roberts Week 4 NFL Selections: Chargers The Best Bet of the Week

Here’s a look at a few of the games I bet this week along with a few I wanted to, but didn’t.

Ravens +2 ½ @ Pittsburgh: Mike Tomlin is 5-2 against the Ravens, including the playoffs, but I like the Charlie Batch record as a starter against Baltimore better which is 0-1.

Jets -5 ½ @ Buffalo: Both teams are showing more offense, but only one plays with a strong defense every week. I’m Pleasantly surprised that Mark Sanchez doesn’t have any interceptions yet.

Seahawks -1 ½ @ St. Louis: I’m not a big fan of the Seahawks on the road, but I refuse to believe that the Rams have turned the corner as much as they have shown. I’ll take the risk to find out if Seattle truly is the better team in this one.

Chargers -8 ½ vs. Cardinals: This looks like a re-run from the last time the Chargers came home from a road loss, as well as the last time the Cardinals came off a win and traveled to Atlanta. I could see this be as big a lopsided win as there is on Sunday.

Giants -3 ½ vs. Bears: If this were last season, the Bears would be 1-2 and Jay Cutler would have at least 6 interceptions. Because the Giants have looked so bad, this is a gift lay in value against an overrated Bears team. Cutler doesn’t get lucky with bad passes this week.

Games I’m still contemplating:
Denver +6 ½ @ Tennessee: Through three games, I still haven’t seen anyone stop the Broncos offense except themselves in the red zone. Tough spot going east, but I think they’ll give the Titans a run and make it tighter than most think. Small money line play is what I keep mulling over.

49ers +6 ½ @ Atlanta: If the 49ers had won last week, I’d love the Falcons, but the desperation aspect has me siding with them despite traveling to east time zone. I was thinking money line play as well.

Redskins +6 @ Philadelphia: It’s all Michael Vick now. Everything is on his shoulders. Can he beat down the Skins with the former 11 year starter of the Eagles? I don’t think so.  I’m believing in the story book return of Donovan McNabb this week because I don’t think Vick is that guy, or the leader.

I wouldn’t bet these myself but would lean towards the Browns +3, Green Bay -14, Saints -13, Colts -7, Oakland +3 and Miami +1. Good Luck this week!

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