Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Tom Brady effect on Las Vegas betting line

A decision on Brady suspension should be known by Friday.
LAS VEGAS -- After Tom Brady and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell failed to reach a settlement on Monday, U.S. District Court Judge Richard M. Berman said he would have a ruling by Friday on Brady’s appeal of a four-game suspension stemming from the Deflategate controversy which has been simmering since January's AFC Championship game.

Las Vegas sports books have been playing the wait game all summer long on one of the most valuable quarterback’s to the point-spread. Brady is worth anywhere from 6-to-7 points to the number, so it’s kind of important for the books to know whether or not he’s going to play in the Sept. 10 season opener at home against the Steelers.

Before the suspension, the Patriots were 6-point favorites. After the suspension, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook moved the Patriots down to -1. Bettors were taking the Patriots and the game inched back up to -3. When Goodell upheld his decision to suspend Brady in late July, CG Technology books moved back down to -1.5, and they got Patriots money right away pushing them back up to -3.

Only a few books have the game on the board as they wait for Judge Berman’s decision. It could come Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, so the thinking for some books is why take a chance when either decision will have a huge impact on the line. If Brady plays, it’s back to -6. What about if he doesn’t and Jimmy Garoppolo starts against Pittsburgh?

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