Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bettors Hammer Vegas Books in NFL Week 3 Action

Bettors ride the hot teams to the cash window.
LAS VEGAS -- There were eight teams that were 2-0 against the spread coming into Week 3 and the betting public rode four of them strong in parlays coupled with two of their favorite weekly staples which made Sunday's NFL action a disaster for Las Vegas sports books.

"We lost every afternoon game after doing okay in the morning, but bettors cashed on the five to six games they really keyed on collectively," said MGM Resorts VP of race and sports Jay Rood just prior to kickoff of the Sunday night game after tabulating the damage from the first 13 games.

"The games we did okay on were the games that didn't attract as much attention." The Patriots to the OVER was a very popular combination in the morning and the Falcons coming back against Dallas made almost everyone in the book happy; the Steelers were also good for the players, and then in the afternoon, the combination of the Seahawks, Cardinals and Bills all covering kicked in all the big parlay payouts. The Bills were a game that both the sharps and public were on the same side."

The Falcons, Steelers and Cardinals are all 3-0 ATS now and the final piece to Sunday's equation was the Broncos in the Sunday night game at Detroit where the public had no problem laying 3-points with Denver, who had won and covered its first two games while the Lions had lost and failed to cover both their games.

Rood said they needed the Lions to somewhat salvage something on the day and had a double whammy in the evening with the late baseball game as bettors rode the Pirates eight-game winning streak.

The Cubs’ Jake Arrieta would come through for the books in a 4-0 Chicago Cubs win, but the risk in that game paled in comparison to the Broncos, which was ultimately the final nail in the coffin for the books as Denver's defense led the way in a 24-12 win.

The books can sometimes escape a week when three common teams come in for the public, but when five- team parlays come cashing in at 20/1 odds and six-teamers at 40/1 are a common occurrence, there is no way the house can recoup those losses.

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