Friday, September 17, 2010

Roberts Week 3 College Football Selections

Here are my college football plays for week 3. I'm going against the grain on a few which is discomforting, but nevertheless, I like them. Good luck this week, and may all your plays get there!

Saturday, September 2010
Purdue -16.5 vs Ball State (The Bridge walk has brought community pride for a non-conference game like never before. This is a big game for Purdue and Indiana bragging rights.)

Illinois -7 vs Northern Illinois (Illiini take care of business against big offensive line of NIU before Big-10 schedule starts. They won't take game lightly.)

Ohio State -29 vs Ohio (The OHIO STATE university will once again show why they all say "THE" when trying to differentiate the two Ohio schools)

Oklahoma State -6.5 vs Tulsa (Too much offensive firepower for Tulsa to hang with. Low spread is a gift, Cowboys should roll by 17 points,)

Florida State -10 vs BYU (The Cougars are still trying to figure out who they are while the Seminoles know their status. Comfort in the offensive structure lead State to an easy win.)

Oklahoma -16.5 vs Air Force (Could we all be mistaken by the upset win of Air Force over BYU last week? Love the Sooners in Norman to blow the Falcons away.)

UCLA +4.5 vs Houston (As bad as UCLA has been this year, they'll be playing their weakest opponent and should be able to muscle Houston on each side of the ball. The Pistol offense of UCLA finally shows some rewards and they win in a shootout. I like the total to go over 64 points as well.)

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