Saturday, September 11, 2010

ROSTER SLOTS: Fantasy Football with a Random Twists is Kind of Cool, Check it out.

For Immediate Release for Football to Launch on NFL's Opening Day

Northborough, MA - Don't think you have time to add a fantasy football league this fall? You may want to think again. for Football launches today and offers a unique, fast and fun way to build a fantasy lineup. You can set a different lineup every week to compete for weekly and season-long prizes, all for free and all without any upfront preparation or planning.'s patent-pending slot machine user interface is the key to the straight-forward, engaging game play. Each week, you are provided with a number of "spins" to build your team. Each spin of the slot machine's reels returns 3 players. You decide to keep, replace, or trade all 3 players together, as a single unit. Your team consists of 15 players and you score points based on the weekly performance of each player.

There's no limit to how many people can play, so you can invite all your friends and even create your own Personal League - like a social network for fantasy football. In fact, because of the way players are presented, RosterSlots is the perfect outlet for first-timers and casual fantasy football players. At the same time, balancing risk and reward as it relates to spin count and your current roster offers the kind of strategy that hardcore fantasy players will appreciate.

Want to see how others are using their spins? You can by viewing transaction history. You might be particularly interested in the strategies employed by members of the Expert League, which includes representatives from well-respected fantasy sports portals, such as and 

With, you get to play for prizes for free, evaluate and experiment with more players, and invite all of your friends to play in one league. Plus, you always have something to do before or after setting your lineup for your more traditional leagues. To play, go to and use your existing Google, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, or MSN user account to sign up.

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