Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 1 NFL- From a Sports Book Point of View

Sunday has come and gone, and boy did we dodge a few bullets to say the least.

The morning slate was quite top heavy on the Dolphins over the Bills followed by the expected wagering reaction on the Colts (only -2½) over the Texans. That late Bills safety (down 13-10 punting from their 1 yard line with less than 2 minute to go) had the room erupt in cheers!

While losing that very popular side on the Fish, we came back with the Arian Foster led Texans who finally exorcised their Colt demons with a 34-24 victory at home. If someone would have told me that final score, my stat sheet would have looked like this:

Schaub - 21-33 with 345 yds and 3tds.
Johnson - 9 grabs for 154 yds and 2tds.

Right? How about Schaub going for 9 -17 for 107 and AJ pulling off 3 for 33. ?? And they scored 34? Watch out Texas. If they can beat the Colts with that, then a certain other Texas team should wonder who is better. Really.

And, you have to love this type of comment from Arian Foster:

"You see guys like Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub and the way they carry themselves, and you try to mimic it and make your own personality. I feel privileged to be here."

That is an impressive personality trait. No wonder his major in college (Tennesse) was Philosophy.

So we split the morning basically, although with the Giants, the Steelers, the Bears (sure...Johnson's catch wasn't a TD..ridiculous rule), the Patriots (oddly a ton of "sharp $" on Cincy), and the Jaguars all winning, we came out of it in pretty decent shape.

I've been in this business for a while now, but I honestly cannot remember the last time we had two games with SO MUCH one sided action deciding so many fans fates. It was like they all knew the score! No way the Eagles beat the Packers, and double no way the Niners lose to the Seahawks!

The room was electric...seriously! Players yelling and screaming over every play like it was with two minutes to go. Luckily for the house, the Niners surprisingly came out very flat and made a very mediocre Seahawk team look like contenders. That combined to dull the emotions even though the favorite Packers were taking care of business in Philly by winning 27-17. Yes the number seemed short to me on that game, but I was hoping for a little Silver Anniversary 1960 magic would surface today.

Therefore, like the morning slate, we split the afternoon as well, but realizing that the late Cardinal TD against the Rams was not a positive outcome in terms of parlays, we figured the Cowboy/Redskin game would be the make or break game for the day/weekend.

Sure didn't take long for that belief to be made 100% accurate. Hail to the Redskins! With that improbable victory (Dallas basically gave that game away with horrendous penalties/turnovers) we salvaged the day and made a little dent into a rough Saturday.

While players are most likely not cashing many 6-teamers tonight/this morning, I know that there are many tickets still left out there with 5 in, and either the Ravens or Chargers left for a payday come Monday Night.

Great couple of games too!

Personally, I like the Ravens over the Jets, and the Chiefs to "cover" against the Chargers (+6 minimum).

See you after Week #2!

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  1. Nice post, I heard the day pretty much hinged on the 49ers with all the risk going into that games on parlays.