Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Night Football: Going With Bears-Packers Over 46 Points

Tonight's game is a tough one just because of how well the Bears have played. Are they really this drastically improved or is it a matter of just catching the Cowboys at a bad stage and the Lions being somewhat typical despite perceived notions that they too were improved. I think it may a be a little of both, but I can say that after watching both Bears game, they are much better than 2009.

I'd like to side with the Bears in this one, but the more I look at it, over the total of 46 seems like the right play. The only real concern I have with the Packers and getting over the number is Brandon Jackson who didn't look very impressive in his first chance at taking over the tailback spot Ryan Grant. Without positive gains on the ground like Grant has always done, Green Bay drops a notch on offense, yet still can move the ball affectively.

With or without Jay Cutler turnovers, I can see a lot of points scored in this one.

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