Thursday, October 1, 2009

Las Vegas Money Moves: Books Over-Inflating Lines To Combat Public Favorites

By Micah Roberts

The first three weeks of pro football have been tough for the sportsbooks with most only having a marginal winning day in Week 2. Every bookmaker has their own philosophy of how to adjust to the times, if at all.

Some bookmakers like to ride out the cycle and not change too much of their philosophy knowing that it will come back, because ultimately the public loses in the long run. Others like to be pro-active and change with the trends eliminating risk as much as possible from the week to week.

Lucky’s legendary Sports Book Director Jimmy Vaccaro has seen it all through his years of bookmaking in Las Vegas and is following his own expertise in how to combat what’s going on with the pro football favorites, in particular the obvious public teams.

“Right now, we’re over-inflating the Pro lines to start the week,” Vaccaro said. “With the favorites coming in like they have and the small money (public) coming on the favorites regardless, we’re looking to see if we can tempt the smarts a little early and watch every game very closely throughout the week.”

Thus far, most of the real line movements spurred by big money has been on game day, usually about 90 minutes or less to kickoff.

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