Friday, October 16, 2009

Mike T's Week 6 Picks Ridin' High

by Mike T

I had a good week 5 going 3-0 and putting me at 9-6 for the season. I was able to get back to my usual strategy by taking some dogs. That's where I feel most comfortable. My Ridin' High title really has multiple meanings this week. First, I'm excited about going to New Orleans this weekend to see perhaps one of the biggest games of this early season. Second is that we may possibly see a few of the undefeated teams get their first loss. So i guess I'll just start with the game of the week.

Giants +3 @ Saints
The 4-0 Saints have the 5-0 Giants coming into the Big Easy. This is by far the toughest test for each of these teams this year. We can talk all day about the talent on both sides of the ball of these fine squads. They can both kill you with the run or the pass and defensively they can shut you down and create turnovers. However, there are a few things that stick out to me as far as this game goes. The loss of Saints LT Jamaal Brown hasn't hurt them as much as some would think as Jermon Bushrod has played well in his absence. He's still nursing an ankle injury though and he'll be lined up against Osi Umenyiora on Sunday and should see a few blitz packages come from Brees' blind side. For the first time since week one Dominick Hixon will be returning kick offs while unimpressive Sinorice Moss sits the bench. Hixon is always a threat to "take one to the house". A small advantage like this could be the difference in the game. The Giants are also 18-3 in their last 21 road games. Eli is also playing his first game in his hometown while Archie and Peyton will be there to root him on. I'm taking the G-Men.
Giants 35 Saints 31

Ravens +3 @ Vikings
This may sound crazy but if the Vikes bring the same game they brought last week against this Ravens team they will lose badly. They may have won 38-10 against the Rams but if you watched the game it told a much different story. The Rams actually had more first downs, more yards, more time of possession and unfortunately for them a lot more turnovers. The Rams fumbled three times in the redzone and threw a pick as well. They also had seven costly penalties for 82 yards. A good team would have beaten the high ridin' Vikings. With some early money coming in on the Vikes, the Ravens may be just the team to end their 5-0 start. I expect the Ravens to hit this team in the mouth early and often and not look back. I can also see Favre throwing a couple ints to Ed Reed and co. as they will be trying to play catch up.
Ravens 27 Vikings 17

Chargers -3.5 vs Broncos
The Broncos are another high ridin' team that has to come back down to earth at some point. I loved the Broncs last week, this week not so much. This is the first week of the season where Denver is getting the early money. The 2-2 Chargers are practically in a must win situation or they will find themselves down three games and a home division loss to the Broncos. The Broncos will give up more points than have all year so far and I expect Klye Orton to struggle a little more in this game than he has this year. The SD corners should be able to contain Marshall and Royal and win this one fairly easily.
Chargers 24 Broncos 10

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